Chalkboard Paint Calendar

Chalkboard Paint Calendar

Create a DIY chalkboard paint calendar to bring beauty and organization to your home.

5 col

Mix chalkboard paint into a variety of tones to create an easy calendar directly on your wall.

Painter’s tape
Tintable chalkboard paint (one can of white; one dark base color)
7 Disposable paint containers
7 Paint sticks
Small sponge
Paint rollers
Paint pan
Permanent marker


  1. Determine how big you would like the calendar to be and how much of the wall you’d like it to take up. Mark off the calendar using a pencil and a level.
  2. Create 35 boxes inside of the calendar. Also, create a rectangle box at the top of the calendar that will be used to write the month.
  3. With the boxes drawn on the wall, lay painters tape over all of the pencil lines. Make sure the tape is firmly adhered to the wall by smoothing it down with your hand.
  4. Paint the individual calendar squares with the varying shades of paint, starting with the darkest color on the first column, furthest to the left. Moving to the right, paint each consecutive column a lighter shade.
  5. Once the paint has dried, repeat for a total of 3 coats on each column.
  6. Before the paint has fully dried, carefully remove all of the painters tape. Removing the tape when the paint is completely dry will most likely cause the paint to chip and crack.
  7. Let the paint dry and cure for at least 3 days before writing on the calendar with chalk.

Tip : To erase and clean the calendar more easily in between uses, use a damp rag or sponge in place of a chalkboard eraser.


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To Tint The Paint


  1. Using a ruler and permanent marker, make 7 incremental marks on the side of the disposable paint containers, 1/4” apart, starting from the bottom of the container and extending to the top.
  2. Using the tintable chalkboard paint, fill the second container to the first 1/4” mark at the bottom of the container, the third container to the second mark from the bottom, the fourth container to the third mark from the bottom and so on, until all 7 containers have been filled with the chalkboard paint. The first container should be left empty.
  3. Using the base color paint, continue to fill each container until it reaches the top 1/4” mark. The 1st pail will be completely filled with only the base paint, since no white chalkboard paint was added. Mix each container of paint thoroughly, using the paint sticks.

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