Chandelier Garden

Chandelier Garden

Transform a thrift store chandelier into a fresh succulent garden.

5 col


Chandelier with 6 arms
Spray paint in desired color
Needle-nose pliers
Standard pliers
Razor blade
(6) succulents
(6) clear plastic cups
Contact adhesive
Potting soil
Rubber gloves
Construction paper or newspaper
¾" drill bit


1. Use the pliers to remove all wiring, sockets and electrical components from the chandelier

2. Put on rubber gloves and a safety mask. Place construction paper or newspaper below the chandelier to catch paint drips. Spray paint the chandelier the desired color and let the paint dry

3. Drill holes in the cups using a ¾" drill bit and drill. This will allow water to drain from the bottom. Repeat this step for the remaining five cups

4. Use the trowel to add about 1" of pebbles and about 2–3" of potting soil to each cup. Plant a succulent in the potting soil of each cup

5. Apply a quarter-sized dollop of contact adhesive to the end of a chandelier arm. Place the cup with the succulent on the glue. Allow the adhesive to dry for 2 hours. Repeat this step for the remaining five cups

Designer Tip:When adhering the cup to the chandelier, lift the cup up a few times to spread the adhesive across the largest surface area possible.


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