China Cabinet Storage System

China Cabinet Storage System

Use designer Jennifer Farrell’s instructions to transform an old china cabinet into storage.

5 col

Existing china cabinet
Interior semi-gloss paint, any color
Paint roller
Paint pan
Painter’s tape
Metal trophy heads (1 for each drawer / door)
Hex nut and washer for each trophy topper
Drill with 1-inch router bit
220-Grit sandpaper
Old, dry cloth


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  1. Prepare to paint the existing china cabinet: Remove all of the existing cabinet hardware and prep the cabinet for painting.
  2. Lightly sand the exterior surface of the cabinet wood, using the 220-grit sandpaper to remove the existing finish on the wood. Use the old, dry cloth to wipe away the sawdust that was created during the sanding process.
  3. Once the cabinet has been sanded and the sawdust has been removed, paint the cabinet using the primer, paint roller and paintbrushes. If your cabinet has glass insets like ours did, be sure to mask off the glass using painter’s tape. Allow time for the primer to dry completely before proceeding.
  4. Once the primer has dried, paint the entire cabinet using the interior semi-gloss paint, clean paintbrushes and paint roller. Allow time for the paint to completely dry. Be sure to follow-up with a second coat of paint.
  5. Install the new drawer and cabinet pulls: To give our refurbished cabinet a new, sporty look, we decided to use trophy heads as our new drawer and cabinet pulls. Insert the built-in screw base of the detached trophy heads into the holes where the previous drawer and cabinet pulls were installed before. If the built-in screw bases are not long enough to pass completely though the pre-existing holes, use the drill and 1-inch router bit to widen the holes
  6. Attach each trophy head to the drawer and cabinet fronts by attaching the hex nuts and washers on the inside of the drawers and cabinets to the threaded screw bases.
  7. Once the cabinet has been completed, display all of your favorite sports memorabilia inside, giving it a stylish new home.

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