circle punch wall art

Circle Punch Wall Art

Use your kids’ paintings to create a sophisticated and abstract art piece.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Acrylic or watercolor paint
Chip paintbrushes (one brush for each color)
Paint buckets
Die-cut circle or hole punch (4" diameter)
Butcher paper
4' × 5' illustrator board
4' × 5' picture frame with glass and mat
Rubber gloves
Glue stick
Angle square


1. Cover your workspace with butcher paper, choose paint colors and set out the paintbrushes, paint and paint buckets

2. Put on gloves. Dip brush in paint, and paint across entire length of cardstock paper

3. Repeat step 2 with varying colors until the entire piece of cardstock is filled

4. Set aside to dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Clear your work area of paints

5. Premark the illustrator board by creating a grid for where the die-cut or hole-punched circles will go using the ruler, angle square and pencil. Make sure to mark where the matte frame will go so that the circles fall within the framed area

6. Once the cardstock is completely dry, use the die-cutter or hole punch to create circles from the painted areas. Continue until the entire piece of cardstock has been hole-punched

7. Use a glue stick to attach the circles to the premarked areas on the illustrator board. Line up circles close together to create perfectly straight rows

8. Once the illustrator board is completely filled with circles, place it into the 4' × 5' picture frame with a glass front and matte insert

Designer Tip: Add your signature to the final circle for a personal touch

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