Closet Desk Alcove

Closet Desk Alcove

Turn your unused closet into a desk alcove.

5 col

Interior latex paint with primer included
Paint pan, paint roller and paintbrush
Modular shelving and drawer system (found online)
Store-bought bins, small file cabinets and drawers
Office chair
Curtain rod 



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  1. Carefully remove existing closet doors.
  2. Paint the interior of the closet using a paint pan, paint roller and paintbrush. Allow time for the paint to fully dry and then follow with a second coat of paint.
  3. Once the walls have dried completely, install shelving units according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  The size of your closet will determine the size and number of shelves you can install.
  4. Once the shelves have been installed and secured, place bins and filing cabinets inside of the closet.
  5. To create separation between the room and your new office, install a curtain rod above the closet’s doorframe and hang curtains to replace the removed doors.

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