Closet Organization: Hanging Knobs

Closet Organization: Hanging Knobs

Follow these simple instructions to create functional hanging knobs.

5 col

1”x6”x18” plywood
Scrap wood for a drilling surface
1/8-inch drill bit
Phillips head screwdriver or drill bit
Paint and primer in one — color of your choice
Small decorator paintbrush
(7) repurposed wood dresser knobs and hardware
(2) 3-inch drywall screws
Small level


Making the Hanging Rack:

  1. With a ruler and a pencil, mark 1 1/2 inches from the top and the bottom of each short side of the lumber and connect the marks to make two lines

  1. Measure 3 inches up and 2 inches in from each edge and mark with X’s. These will be the mounting holes
  2. Starting from left to right along the blue line, mark 2 1/4 inch, 6 3/4 inch, 11 1/4 inch and 15 3/4 inch. Starting from left to right along the red line, mark 4 1/2 inch, 9 inch and 13 1/2 inch. These marks will be where the knobs are fitted
  3. Place a piece of scrap wood under the plywood and drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through your knob marks and your mounting X’s
  4. Push a screw from the knob hardware through the backside of the first hole and tighten the wood knob onto it with a Phillips head screwdriver. Repeat for each knob hole

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  1. Paint the hanging rack the color of your choice and wait for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step

Mounting the Hanging Rack:

  1. Hold the hanging rack up against a wall inside your closet at your desired height and use a level to make sure it’s straight
  2. Using a drill with a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill two pilot holes through the mounting holes in the hanging rack and into the wall
  3. Screw 3-inch drywall screws into the mounting holes to secure the hanging rack in place

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