Closet Organization: Shoe Rack

Closet Organization: Shoe Rack

Turn a metal bottle rack into a handy shoe rack with this simple step-by-step.

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Repurposed metal bottle rack
Small hacksaw
Metal file
Spray paint and primer in one — color of your choice
Matchstick window blind
Craft knife
Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Use a small hacksaw to remove every other metal row from both sides of the bottle rack frame. The extra space created between the remaining rows will provide enough space to fit pairs of shoes. Any rough edges left on the frame can be smoothed with a metal file

  1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the frame in the color of your choice. Allow paint to dry before moving on to the next step
  2. Unroll the matchstick window blind onto a flat surface. With a ruler, measure 16-inch intervals along the top and bottom edges of the blind. Draw pencil lines to connect the top and bottom points. Use a craft knife to cut the blind into 16-inch wide strips. This will be the depth of each row
  3. Place a strip of matchstick window blind onto the first row of the rack, following its wavy contours, to see how long the strip will need to be. Make a mark on the strip with a pencil to save the length and remove from the rack. Use a craft knife to cut the strip to the correct length

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Tip: Apply a line of hot glue along the underside of the newly cut edge so the matchstick blind doesn’t unravel.

  1. Once all the matchstick blind strips are cut, dot hot glue onto the peaks of each metal row on the frame and press the matchstick strip on top, following the contours of the waves with the blind. Repeat for each row

  1. Place shoes in rack

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