Coil Rope Basket

Coil Rope Basket

Make a simple and stylish coiled basket using natural cotton rope piping.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

25 yards of 3/8" natural cotton piping (rope)
(4) ¼" Chicago bolts
¼"-gauge leather hole puncher
(2) 1" × 12" leather strips
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun
Metal bucket of the desired size of the basket
Spring-loaded center punch
Flat-head screwdriver


1. lace the metal bucket on a flat surface, and flip it upside down
2. Place the end of the 25-yard rope in the center of the bucket

3. Using the hot glue and hot glue gun, squeeze a dollop of glue onto the end of the rope

4. Begin to roll the rope into a cinnamon roll shape, as shown

5. Continue to apply the hot glue along the inside of the rope as you roll it into the cinnamon bun shape. Make sure to glue only the rope. Do not glue the rope directly to the bucket. The bucket is only used as a template for the shape

6. Continue to glue and roll until you cover the bucket’s bottom space

7. Once the rope completely covers the bottom of the bucket, add one more layer of rope so the swirl slightly overlaps the bucket’s edge

8. Flip the bucket right side up with the rope circle underneath

9. Wrap the rope around the bucket to create the bucket form, gluing as you work

Reminder: Do not get glue on the bucket. This will make it easier to remove the bucket from the basket after you’re finished

10. Glue and wrap the rope to the top of the bucket, and then cut the rope, leaving about 2" excess

11. Gently remove the bucket. It should easily lift out of the rope coil basket

12. Apply a dollop of hot glue to the 2" end of the rope, and attach it on the inside

13. Using the ¼"-gauge leather hole puncher, puncture a hole at both ends of the two 12" leather strips
14. Make sure the holes are ½" in from all the edges, as shown

15. The leather strips will serve as handles for the basket. Place the handles where you want them to go. The handle’s ends should be positioned 5" apart, as shown

16. Mark the holes’ placement with a permanent marker, and then puncture holes where the marks are with the spring-loaded center punch. Do this for both sides

17. Attach the leather straps to the basket with the ¼" Chicago bolts. Insert the flat side of the bolt through the straps’ holes

18. Return the strap to its placement on the basket, and connect the bolt’s threaded side from inside the basket

19. Use the flat-head screwdriver to tighten the bolt

20. Repeat until both straps are fully secured on the basket

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