Concrete Pendant Hanging Lamps

Concrete Pendant Hanging Lamps

Use Kenneth Wingard’s instructions to make concrete lamps with mortar and ice cream containers.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Mortar mix
(2) quart-sized ice cream containers
(2) 16-ounce plastic soda cup
(2) Pendant cord and socket kits
Trowel/scoop (shovel)
2 buckets
Measuring cup
Cooking spray
Wooden dowels
Hot glue
Sand paper
(2) weights (any kind; just to hold mold in place)


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    1. Mix mortar in bucket with water (follow package instructions)
    2. Hot glue a wooden dowel, centered, to the bottom of the ice cream container to keep a hole for the electrical cord and socket to go through
    3. Spray the inside of the container with cooking spray to make it easier to remove when dry
    4. Pour mortar mix into quart-sized ice cream container about half full. Repeat for all containers
    5. Spray the outside of the 16-ounce soda cup with cooking spray and insert them right side up into wet mixture. Press until the bottom of the cup touches the wooden dowel
    6. Place weight on top of plastic cup to keep its form
    7. Repeat for all containers and let dry for 24 hours
    8. Once dry, remove the plastic cup, the ice cream container and the wooden dowel
    9. Sand any rough edges from the dried mortar
    10. Insert socket and cord. Insert plug from the inside out

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