Concrete Sink Fountain

Concrete Sink Fountain

Repurpose a used concrete sink to create an outside fountain.

5 col

Difficulty: Medium

Repurposed concrete sink
Rubber tubing
Water pump
Tape measure
Plumber’s putty
Black electric tape
Wood base support (same size as concrete sink bottom)
30” long, 1” wide heavy-duty drill bit
Drill gun
(2) Wood block
(4) “L” Bracket


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  1. Decide what height you want the faucet to go and measure the center. Mark it
  2. Using your heavy-duty drill bit, drill a hole completely through the wood block. Repeat for second wood block
  3. Attach rubber hose to water pump
  4. Feed rubber hose and power cord through sink hole
  5. Place wood blocks centered in front of each sink
  6. Attach 1 L bracket on each side of the wood block
  7. Cover sink hole using plumber’s putty
  8. Feed hose through hole in wood block. Once the length is correct, cut excess
  9. Attach faucet to hose
  10. Secure faucet using black electric tape
  11. Put faucet back in the hole
  12. Fill sink with water and connect pump to power

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