Copper Tiki Torches

Create subtle outdoor lighting using simple copper plumbing fixtures.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Torch wicks
Torch oil
Drill (1/8" drill bit)
½" × 60" pipe (torch post)
½" × 12" air chamber
1" to ½" reducer
½" copper plug
½" × 3/8" adapter
Squeeze clamp
Rubber gloves
Small paint spatula

1. If needed, use acetone to remove any stickers or residue from the ½" × 60" torch pipe

Designer Safety Tip: Always wear rubber gloves when handling acetone

2. Use the squeeze clamp to hold the ½" copper plug flat side down on a scrap piece of wood to protect your surface, and drill an 1/8" hole in the middle as seen below

3. Spread a small amount of epoxy on a safe, disposable surface, and mix it with a small plastic spatula. Make sure the two pastes are fully mixed

4. Use the small paintbrush to line the inside mouth of the 1" to ½" reducer with epoxy. Attach to the round end of the ½" × 12" air chamber

5. Attach the smaller mouth of the reducer to the 60" pipe. Make sure epoxy is spread all along the inside to make it easier to attach. Let dry for a few minutes

6. While waiting for the epoxy to dry, attach the ½" × 3/8" adapter to the ½" copper plug and loop the torch wick through the 1/8" hole in the copper plug

7. Use the funnel to slowly pour torch oil into the air chamber. Do not fill to the top – make sure to leave a little room for the torch wick

8. Attach the torch wick to the air chamber to complete the torch

9. Insert the fully assembled torch into the ground about 12" deep, and ensure that it’s secure. Let there be light!

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