Crackle Finish Dining Table

Transform an old dining table with a custom crackle finish using paint and glue!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Repurposed table
New tabletop (pre-cut to measurement of the old base, and sanded down)
Robin’s Egg Blue paint (Non-primer)
(2) Large paint trays
(3) Rollers
(4) Large paintbrushes
Wood stain
(4) Dry rags
(4) Large liquid school glue
White paint
Box of 4” wood screws



  1. Remove the old tabletop from the base
  1. Apply the wood stain to the new tabletop with dry rags. Wipe in one direction and go with the grain of the wood. Use 2 coats of stain to give the wood a richer look. Apply to both sides of the plank and set aside to dry overnight



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  1. Paint the base and table legs using the Robin’s Egg Blue paint. Apply 2 coats. This serves as our blue base coat. Use the rollers for the sides of the table, and brushes for the legs and inside of the base. Set aside to dry for 30 minutes
  1. Once the paint has dried on the table base and legs, prepare to make the “crackle” effect by pouring the school glue and white paint in two different trays. Apply the glue to the legs and base with a paintbrush. Go in one direction when applying glue
  1. Apply the white paint over the glue-covered legs and base before the glue is completely dried. This will initiate the crackling process. Do not go over the same area more than twice. Set aside overnight for the crackle effect to settle and dry


  1. Once the table base and tabletop are dry, lay the tabletop face down on a flat surface and place the table base on top with the legs up. Measure 2 3/4 inches from the edge to make sure it is centered

  1. Reattach the legs to the table by drilling 4” wood screws along the sides of the table base every 5 inches

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