Custom Copper Dresser

Custom Copper Dresser

This DIY project takes an old dresser and transforms it into a modern statement piece.

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Pre-existing dresser
(10) Pieces of drawer hardware
Painter’s tape
(2) Screwdrivers
Sandpaper (100 grade)
Dove Grey paint
Foam paint rollers
Paint tray
Adhesive copper paper
Plywood board (as a base for cutting the copper paper)
(3) Dry rags



1. Tape off the edges of the dresser with the painter’s tape. This helps keep the paint from bleeding through to the areas you do not want to paint

2. Once you have applied the tape, take out the dresser drawers, remove the doorknobs (unscrewing from the back), and set both the drawers and old hardware aside

3. Take the sandpaper and lightly sand the areas of the dresser you will be painting, going against the grain as you sand down

4. Next, pour the paint into the tray and use the brushes to paint the top and the trim of the dresser body, leaving the sides marked off with painter’s tape open for the adhesive copper paper. Use the foam roller for the top of the dresser and the brush for the trim. Let dry for one hour

5. Repeat step 4, this time painting the trim of the drawers. Leave the face of the drawer open for the adhesive copper paper


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6. Take the adhesive copper paper and measure out the size rectangles you need to cover the front of the dresser drawers (6 1/2” x 27”)

7. Remove the painter’s tape from the dresser doors, cut out the rectangles from step 6 with the razor, and apply to the front of the drawers by peeling the paper off and rolling it out carefully, smoothing with your hands as you go along. Repeat steps 6-7 on the remaining dresser drawers

8. Wipe down with a dry rag to prevent bubbles from forming. If there is a bubble, go along with a utility knife and push out the air

9. Poke a hole into the copper paper where the knob holes are, and then insert the knobs into the drawers. Screw from the inside and tighten with the screwdriver. Repeat for all dresser drawers

10. Next, measure out the dimensions on the copper paper for the dresser’s side panels (16 5/8” x 5 7/8”). Cut out the measured piece with the razor remove the blue painter’s tape, and apply to the sides of the dresser. Repeat on the other 3 panels

11. Lastly, insert the dresser drawers into the dresser

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Where can i purchase the adhesive copper paper. Hope someone can assist. Thanks!

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