Custom Framed Mirror

Custom Framed Mirror

Create a slick, clean-lined piece of art made from mirrors.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Acrylic hexagon mirror tiles
18½" × 25½" piece of luan wood
(2) 1" × 3" × 18½" pine boards (top and bottom of frame)
(2) 1" × 3" × 25" pine boards (sides of frame)
Construction adhesive
Picture hanger kit
Tape measure
Pin nail gun
23-gauge finishing nails
Gray wood finish
Small paint roller and paint tray
Dry rag
Tack hammer


1. Use a tape measure to find the top center of the 18½" × 25½" piece of luan wood. Use the pencil to mark it

2. Apply a light dollop of construction adhesive to the back of a hexagon tile and attach it to the 18½" × 25½" piece of luan wood at the top center

3. Working from the top center tile, continue to install the remaining tiles until the entire luan board is covered. If there are some small spots on the edge of the luan board, you can leave them empty – they will be covered by the frame

4. Set the tiled luan board aside. Begin building the frame

5. Lay the two 1" × 3" × 18½" pine boards and two 1" × 3" × 25" pine boards in a rectangle shape and secure the connected corners with the pin nail gun and 23-gauge finishing nails (two nails per corner)

6. Pour the wood stain in the small paint tray and lightly apply the stain to the pine frame

7. Wipe excess wood stain with a dry rag, and let dry for 10 minutes

8. Once the frame is dry, place the tiled luan board on the frame face down, as shown

9. Using the pin nail gun, insert the 23-gauge finishing nails along the perimeter of the luan board so they enter the pine frame

10. Flip the board over so the mirrors are facing up, and use the blade to cut off the excess tiles extending over the edges of the frame

11. Flip the board over again, and use the tack hammer to lightly tap in the picture hanger kit in the top center of the board

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