Custom Hanging Pots

Custom Hanging Pots

Create a stylish way to display potted plants, complete with braided rope and tribal decorative details.

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Difficulty : Easy

(2) metal mixing bowls
Gold and copper spray paint
Black and metallic paint pens
(1) spool of ½" three-strand cotton rope in ivory
(1) spool of thin macramé cord
Fabric dye in black
Large bucket
Paint stick
(2) potted plants
(2) ceiling hooks


1. Spray paint the mixing bowls gold and copper. Allow to dry for 1 hour

2. Create a tribal pattern on the bowls using black and metallic paint pens

3. Cut eight pieces of cotton rope. Each piece should be roughly 4' long to accommodate the large bowl. Any excess can be trimmed later

4. Gather all eight pieces of rope, and tie a knot at the bottom. Make sure the rope pieces are as even as possible before tying the knot

5. Starting from the large knot, measure up about 8". Tie a knot in two of the rope pieces

6. Repeat step 5 until all 8 pieces of rope have been paired and tied in 4 separate knots. Be sure the knots are even

7. Now, create the next set of knots. Grab one strand from one pair of ropes and create a knot with one strand from another pair of ropes next to it

8. Continue tying knots until all loose strands of rope are tied together. This is the pocket

9. To complete the pocket, gather all eight loose ends and add a final knot at the top just like the first knot you made in step 4

10. Untie the original knot from step 4, and braid the strands. Secure the braid by tying a piece of macramé cord around the bottom

11. Dip the rope into black fabric dye, using a paint stick to press the rope into the dye. You should dye 1½' of the bottom of the rope to achieve the proper effect

12. Allow to dry for 2 hours

13. Once the rope is dry, place the bowl inside the rope hanger

14. Add a potted plant to the planter

15. Hang the planter using ceiling hooks

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