Custom Lounge Seating

Custom Lounge Seating

Create a chic, unique seating option that will add comfort and style to any living room.

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(3) 4' × 8' × 1¾" poplar wood sheet
(1) 4' × 8' × 1" plywood sheet
(3) 1' × 4' × 1½" wood boards
(2) 4" × 8' × 1" trim pieces
(2) 4" × 4' × 1" trim pieces
(4) 5" × 1" L-brackets
2" wood screws
Wood glue
Wood putty
Wood clamps
Sander and sandpaper
Gloss paint in black
Paintbrush or paint roller
Circular saw
Nail gun
1½" brad nails
Measuring tape
Pre-upholstered memory foam twin size mattress
(2) pre-upholstered bolster pillow forms
Hook-and-loop tape

1. Set the first 4' × 8' × 1" plywood sheet in an open space

2. Pour wood glue onto the center of the plywood, and use a paintbrush or paint roller to spread the wood glue over the entire surface

3. Add another 4' × 8' × 1" plywood sheet on top of the first sheet, making sure the edges are flush

Custom Lounge Seating

4. Clamp the plywood sheets together to hold them in place

Custom Lounge Seating Clamp Wood

5. Use a drill and wood screws to secure the plywood sheets together in each corner and every 12" along the edges

secure the plywood sheets

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 to add a third plywood sheet, and allow to dry for 1 hour

7. Sand all rough edges

8. Use a circular saw to cut the stacked plywood sheets to size, based on the size of the room

9. Now add the legs. Place the three 1' × 4' × 1½" wood boards in an “I” shape along the stacked plywood. Ensure the boards are centered

10. Use a drill and wood screws to secure the legs in the “I” shape

secure the legs

11. Attach the legs to the plywood with L-brackets

Attach the legs to the plywood with L-brackets

12. Flip the platform so it sits on the feet. Pour wood glue on the top and spread it to the edges with a paintbrush or roller as in step 2

pour wood glue

paint on the wood glue

13. Attach the 4' × 8' × 1¾" poplar wood sheet. Secure in place with a nail gun and brad nails

14. Apply the trim pieces to each edge with wood glue, a nail gun and brad nails

Apply the trim pieces

Apply the trim pieces with nail gun

15. Patch any nail holes with wood putty

16. Paint the entire platform with gloss black paint and a paint roller

paint wood platform

17. Allow to dry for 4 hours

18. Place the pre-upholstered mattress on top of the platform

19. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach the bolsters

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