Custom Nursery Mural

Custom Nursery Mural

Fill a wall with large, cheerful blooms to adorn a newborn baby’s nursery.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

8 ounces of 5 different paint colors (we used Azalea Flower, Jaipur Pink, White, Cucumber, and Pineapple Cream)
Chamois – like sheepskin
Wallpaper sponges
Measuring tape
Painter’s tape
(6) paint stir sticks
Paint trays
Spray bottle
Paint mittens
Paint key
T-square measuring tape
Paper towels

Note: For best results, practice painting the flowers on a sheet of white paper before you begin.


1. Pour 8 ounces of each paint color into individual paint trays

2. Add a dollop of glaze to each paint color to slow down the drying process. Use the paint sticks to stir each color well

3. Roll up six paper towels. Bundle the rolled paper towels together and secure them with a piece of painter’s tape

4. Dip the tool you created in step 3 into the first paint color (we used Azalea Flower). If you are using different colors than the ones we chose, make sure to start with the darkest paint color. We will paint the center of each flower first

5. Evenly space the centers of the flowers on whatever size wall you are working on. Make three or four dots with the paper towel tool for each flower

6. Dip the top of the wallpaper sponge in the second paint color (we used Pineapple Cream). Make four circles around each flower center

7. Put on the paint mitten. Roll the outside of the paint mitten in the third color, which should be a lighter color than the center bud color (we used Jaipur Pink). Then dip the paint mitten in the white paint

8. Twisting your hand clockwise, make circles around the flower center. Most flowers will need six to seven circles to make it around the whole flower.

9. Cut up a wallpaper sponge into 3"-long pieces

10. Dip a 3"-long sponge into the fourth paint color (we used Cucumber) and then into the white paint. Paint three leaves on each flower. Make sure to space the leaves to avoid large blank spaces on the mural. See the Xs on the image below for possible leaf placement

11. Allow paint to dry



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