Custom Oriental Rug

Custom Oriental Rug

Use Designer Kim Myles’ instructions to combine 2 old rugs into a beautiful custom one.

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This project combines two existing oriental rugs to create an innovative and unique floor covering.

(2) 5-by-7 -foot oriental rugs
Box cutter
Heavy canvas drop cloth cut to 5-by-7 feet
Double-sided carpet tape
Red marker (or a color that will be visible on back side of carpet)
Tape measure
Ruler/straight edge


  1. Lay down one of your oriental rugs face down on cement or scrap plywood
  2. Create a grid on the rug as a guideline for your cutting. To do this, use tape measure on both rug edges and mark off every 12 inches both horizontally and vertically with marker. Connect these marks to each other to create a grid of 12-by-12-inch squares

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  1. Once the grid is created, start cutting at edge with scissors. Once you cut about 3-4 inches in, switch to using the box blade to cut along the red grid lines you created. This will keep your edges straight. It’s easier to cut with scissors at the edges but the box blade cuts smoother and more effectively.
  2. Repeat steps 1-3 to create a grid and cut the second rug
  3. Once all your 12-by-12-inch squares are cut, lay out drop cloth and mix up and re-arrange the squares face up. Have fun with this, change direction and mix it up while staying within the 5-by-7-foot constraints of the drop cloth
  4. Once you are happy with your new design, you’re ready to attach the pieces to the drop cloth which will be your new rug’s backing. To do this, start at one corner and flip this square over. Peel off backing of carpet tape and stick one strip to all 4 edges of the square
  5. Once tape is on all 4 edges of square, peel off the backing on the top of the tape, flip back over and place in position. Press firmly around all edges to ensure each piece attaches firmly to new drop cloth backing
  6. Repeat steps 6-7 working your way around entire rug until all pieces are attached

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