Custom Photo Shelf Backing

Custom Photo Shelf Backing

Use designer Kim Myles’s instructions to add interest to a bookshelf with an enlarged photo.

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Have a favorite photo enlarged at any copy center and use it to give new life to a bookshelf. Have the center print your photo on peel-n-stick backing, or simple substitute spray adhesive on your own!

Tape measure
Favorite digital photo of your choice
Smoothing device (cardboard edge or ruler)
Scissors (optional)


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  1. Remove any shelves from the bookcase or wall unit. Measure the perimeter dimensions of where the photo is going to be placed.
  2. Take a digital photo to a copy center and have it enlarged to the same dimensions you measured. Before you stick the photo to the wall, mark off recesses for obstructions such as air vents or outlets. Measure the position and dimensions of the obstruction and transfer to the back of the photo. Cut out the recess with scissors before sticking the photo on the wall.
  3. Gently peal the photo backing off, starting at one corner. Carefully place the picture onto the wall, slowly moving from one corner to the opposite corner. Begin smoothing the picture down with the smoothing device, pushing out bubbles and bumps as you go. Finish at the opposite corner.
  4. Put the shelves back in the bookcase and decorate as desired.

Tip: Make sure the photo’s resolution is between 100 and 200 dpi so that your image is crisp and clear when it is enlarged. 

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