Custom Platform Bed with Storage

Custom Platform Bed with Storage

Create a platform bed that provides a stylish storage option for clothing, books and other items.

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17" × 20½" × 63" eight-drawer dresser unit
17" × 20½" × 63" four-drawer dresser unit
(6) 11¾" × 20½" pine shelving units
(2) 1" × 20½" × 61½" pre-painted cabinet-grade plywood boards
Drill driver
¾" wood screws
(8) L brackets
Queen-size wood bed slats
Pneumatic nail gun
16-gauage finishing nails


1. Lay out the eight-drawer dresser with the four-drawer dresser to make an “L” shape

2. Connect three 11¾" × 20½" pine shelving units side by side so the open ends are facing up, as shown

3. Lay one 1" × 20½" × 61½" cabinet-grade plywood board on top of the shelving units. It should fit perfectly on top

4. Secure the board with the pneumatic nail gun and 16-gauge finishing nails. Insert nails every 4" around the perimeter of the plywood

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the other three 11¾" × 20½" pine shelving units and 1" × 20½" × 61½" plywood board. Once the two fixtures are complete, roughly arrange them so they are the counter “L” shape to the eight-drawer and four-drawer dresser units

Note: Make sure the pine shelving units are on their sides when arranging so the white plywood faces out

6. Drill the ¾" wood screws in the L brackets in every top and bottom corner for a total of eight L brackets

7. Now that the platform has been built, lay the queen-size wood bed slats on top

8. Insert 16-gauge finishing nails into each slat to guarantee its security 

9. Place the mattress on top of the slats

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