Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving

Use Carpenter David Leon’s simple instructions to create custom shelving to fit any space.

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Materials (for 1 set of shelves)

Note: For this project, the shelves were built into the side of a Murphy bed so the dimensions of the bed determined the size of the wood.
(1) 3/4”x16”x82” sanded oak-plywood
(1) 3/4”x12”x82” sanded oak-plywood
(5) 3/4”x12”x12” solid oak for shelves
Wood glue
1 1/4-inch nails
Wood stain and sealer
Tape measure


  1. Sand and stain all wood using wood stain and sealer and rag. Allow the stain to dry completely
  2. Lay out 2 longer pieces of oak side by side so they are even at end
  3. To plan out your shelves, start 8 1/2 inches from bottom of pieces and mark this with pencil. Measure 13-inch intervals along wood and draw lines with pencil to mark. This is where each shelf will sit. There will be 5 shelves total
  4. Turn on their sides so the 2 longer pieces of oak now sit on 3/4” edges with what will be front of bookshelf facing up. One will sit higher up than the other as it is wider.
  5. Grab a 3/4” x 12” x 12” shelf piece and apply wood glue to thin edges of wood for shelf
  6. Place shelf with glue in between 2 longer pieces so the glued sides hit the interior sides of the shelves and the back edge of the shelf is flush against the back of the bookshelf. The shelving will sit away from the edge of the front.

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  1. Insert 1 1/4-inch nails with hammer through sides of bookshelf into the 3/4” sides of shelves to secure
  2. Wipe off excess wood glue with rag
  3. Repeat steps 6-9 for each shelf
  4. Allow wood glue to dry before moving

Tip: To create a custom look, use the side(s) of an existing piece of furniture to frame the shelves.

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