Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving

This project solves the problem every home office has – a lack of storage.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

(4) 2" × 12" × 40" pine boards
(8) wall brackets (2 per shelf)
Wall anchors
Dark walnut stain
Fine-grit sandpaper
Palm sander
Leather gloves
Adjustable saw horse
Safety glasses
Safety mask


1. Set two of the 2" × 12" × 40" pine boards upright in the adjustable saw horses. Make sure to use safety glasses for the remaining steps

2. Put on gloves. Use the hammer and chisel to remove the front edge of each board. Be sure to chisel out the wood at an angle with the grain. Repeat this step for all four boards

3. Put on a safety mask. Using the palm sander and fine-grit sandpaper, sand the edge removed in step 2. After the edge is smooth to the touch, sand the rest of the board. Repeat this step for all four boards

4. Use a rag to wipe the sawdust off the wood. Then use a medium-sized paintbrush to apply the wood stain. Remove excess stain with a dry rag

5. Allow the stain to dry completely

6. Determine where to place the shelves on the wall, and install with wall brackets

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