Custom Storage Bench

Custom Storage Bench

Transform an outdated bench into a glamorous seat with tons of storage.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

Upholstered storage bench
Painter’s tape
(4) new furniture legs
Metallic gold fabric paint
Paint tray
Large sponge rollers
18-gauge nails
Tape measure
Latex gloves
Pneumatic nail gun
(2) wooden trays that will fit inside the storage bench
Piece of chalk
Safety goggles
Mod Podge
Paint stick
(2) ½" × ¾" pinewood trim, cut to desired length of storage bench (pre-painted black)


1. Lay the storage bench on its side, and measure the space where you want the trays to be placed in the bench. Insert one of the ½" × ¾" pinewood trim pieces on one side, and then place one of the gold trays on top to confirm the position of the trim is correct. (The trim will act as a support beam.) Mark the position with chalk if desired

2. Set the trays aside. Using the pneumatic nail gun and 18-gauge nails, secure the wood trim every 3" to 4" on that side

3. Repeat with the second trim piece on the opposite side

4. Once both wood trim pieces are secure, close the bench and flip it upside down to screw in the furniture legs. No tools are required – just screw in the legs clockwise by hand

5. Time to give the bench some glam! First, protect the inside of the bench by outlining the inner edges of the lid with painter’s tape so the paint will not seep into the inside of the bench.

6. Mix metallic gold fabric paint with a paint stick and pour it into a paint tray. Mix Mod Podge into the paint to thicken the solution – this helps the color stick to the fabric. Dip large sponge rollers into paint tray and paint the top of the storage bench. Use cardboard to catch any drips

7. For best results, let the paint dry overnight. Place the wooden trays in the bench

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