Custom Triple Desk

Custom Triple Desk

Build a triple desk out of solid core doors, bar stools and filing cabinets with David Leon’s instructions.

Difficulty: Easy

(2) 5’ x 30” solid core door
(1) 4’ x 30” solid core door
(5) 3’ tall cushion-less bar stools from a local thrift shop
(1) 3’ tall filling cabinet
(20) 3” screws
Drill gun
Screw gun
Wood glue
White spray paint with primer
Paint brush/roller
Sand paper



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Preparing the Frames:

    1. Lay (2) 5’ x 30” solid core door and measure where to put the bar stools (2 inches from the edge). Apply wood glue and place barstools upside down. To further stabilize, screw from the bottom of the barstools to the top of the door using (4) 3” screws on each bar stool
    2. Screw remaining desktop (4’ x 30” solid core door) to top of filing cabinet and remaining barstool
    3. Sand door edges until smooth
    4. Apply primer and wait 1 hour to dry. Dry in an open space or ventilated area
    5. Paint going the direction of the wood grain and wait another 2 hours to dry. Dry in an open space or ventilated area
    6. Position desks in T formation to create triple desk layout

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