Custom Wainscoting

Custom Wainscoting

Give your paneled wall an updated look using fabric to create patterned wainscoting.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

White paint (same as the fireplace)
Desired fabric (works with any type)
Liquid fabric starch
Painter’s tape
Sponge brushes and bowls
Wood Putty


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  1. Paint the wainscoting and let it dry for 24 hours (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  2. Cut fabric to same size of center rectangles in the wainscoting
    Tip:Create a cardboard template making it easier to cut every piece of fabric
  3. Secure the rectangle fabric with painter’s tape in order to hold the fabric in place
  4. Paint the entire rectangle (under fabric/ directly on wood panel) with liquid fabric starch
  5. Smooth the fabric rectangle onto the starch-painted portion of the wainscoting, making sure it is straight
  6. Once fabric is attached and positioned to your liking, paint over it entirely with the starch
  7. The starch dries clear (after 24 hours) and fabric is removable with hot water in case the process goes wrong or you want to change it after a while
  8. If there are any outlets, remove the plastic encasement, cover outlet with painter’s tape and apply fabric and starch the same way. Once dry, use a crafts blade to cut around the outlet and reattach the plastic encasement

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