Cut Out Wall Art

Kim Myles shows you how to make an easy art project from cut outs.

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((KIM MYLES)) Kayla, one of the major issues with this room is that there was no art on the walls. So, we’re going to make cut out wall art.

((KAYLA)) Oh, that sounds so cool! Let’s do it!

((KIM)) Awesome! So, this is a stencil from my own line. We’ll go ahead and tape down our edges. Alright, so we are set up to trace. So, grab your pencil and let’s start filling in this pattern. Just gonna get that corner. Great! Boom!

((KAYLA)) Voila! It’s beautiful.

((KIM)) We have our pattern! So, pick a place and start cutting. Last one! Boom! Now, we add the color backing. And what we’re gonna do is just come in with a little bead of hot glue and anchor this down. Let’s show you.


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((KAYLA)) Let’s see it. Whoa!

((KIM)) Right? So, now, I have two pieces of 1x2. For the top, what we’re gonna do first is just give ourselves a little hanging apparatus.  Cut it. Now, you tie a knot in your end, I’ll tie a knot in my end. Boom! We glue this on to the face of our pattern. Press it down.

Alright, Kayla. You ready to see our work of art?


((KIM)) Okay.

((KAYLA))  Wow. So easy!

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