Decoupage Chair

Decoupage Chair

Give a plain looking chair a beautiful and simple finish with this simple technique.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Lightweight fabric scissors
Small, sharp, pointy scissors for timing excess around corners
Mod podge
Polycrylic sealer
Plastic office chair


1. Apply a generous coat of decoupage to the entire seat, back and sides of the chair with a paint brush


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2. Place fabric on the chair, using hands to smooth out any bubbles or bumps

Tip: Start from the center, moving outward

3. Once your seat is fully covered, trim some of the excess fabric to make it easier to work with, leaving enough to wrap around sides

4. Use the small pointy scissors to cut off excess fabric around all the curves, leaving you with precisely trimmed edges. Use sealant to secure those edges. Let dry for 20 minutes

5. Finish with a final coat of polycrylic sealer to give the chair a glossy finish. Let dry for 24 hours

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