Decoupage Plate Wall

Decoupage Plate Wall

Create your own display of personalized decoupage plates.

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Learn how to create your own style of decoupage plates that can be hung on a wall to make a gorgeous and personalized display in any room.

How to Make Decoupage Plates

Paper copies of artwork and other mementos
Clear glass plates
Decoupage glue
Polyurethane sealer (optional)


  1. Place the copies of artwork face-up on a cleared workspace.

Tip: Be sure to use a laser jet printer or copier when making copies of the artwork. Ink jet printers will cause the ink to bleed when the sealant is later applied.

  1. Turn the clear glass plate upside down and place in the center of the artwork. Trace the shape of the plate onto the artwork with your pencil.

Tip: Ideally, the artwork, which you will later trim, will extend a 1⁄2-inch past the edges of the plate to avoid having any blank space on the final product.


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  1. Using the scissors, cut the artwork to the size and shape of the plate along your traced lines.
  2. Once the artwork has been cutout, cut 2-inch notches around the perimeter of the artwork. Space the notches about 1 1⁄2” apart. This will prevent the artwork from puckering when it is adhered to the plate.
  3. Apply the decoupage glue, which you can purchase at your local craft store, directly to the front of the artwork with a small paintbrush.
  4. With the plate face down, carefully lay the artwork onto the back of the plate and smooth out any air bubbles. Make sure all the edges of the artwork are aligned with the edges of the plate.
  5. Once the artwork has been applied, flip the plate over and cut off any excess artwork that may still be extending past the plate.

Tip: If the trimmed edges do not lay flat to the plate, feel free to apply a little more sealant and smooth down. Decoupage sealant dries clear, so a little extra glue in various spots is fine.

  1. Allow the plates to dry overnight. If you would like to use the plates for serving, apply one or two coats of polyurethane to the back of the plate to seal it.

How to Hang Decoupage Plates

Brown craft paper or paper bags
Painters or masking tape
Decoupage plates
Plate hanging hardware


  1. Place the plates face down and trace their shapes onto the brown paper with your pencil.
  2. Cut out the traced patterns with the scissors.
  3. Tear a piece of masking or painters tape and adhere each cutout brown paper shape where you would like the plates to be displayed. You can rearrange your layout as many times as you need, until you get the perfect one.
  4. Once you’ve decided on a layout that you like, hang the plates on the wall using decorative plate hanging hardware or brackets, which can be found at most craft stores or framing shops.

Tip: If you have one plate that is larger than the others, consider using it as the centerpiece of your layout. Also be sure to use consistent spacing when placing each plate.

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