Diamond Pattern Paint Treatment

Diamond Pattern Paint Treatment

Designer Kim Myles adds a large diamond pattern to a wall with brass thumbtacks for accents.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Paint with primer – color of your choice
Painters Tape – 1/2-inch width maximum
Small box of 1/2-inch brass thumbtacks
Paint tray
Paint roller
Measuring tape
Rubber mallet
Masking tape
Small bowl filled with water
Large drop cloth
Step-ladder (as needed)



1. Apply masking tape around any windows, doorframes, baseboards and the ceiling to protect them during painting

2. Place a large drop cloth on the floor underneath the wall that will be painted

3. Dip a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser into a small bowl of water and wring it out. Erase any scuffs or marks on the wall. This should be done whether you decide to keep the wall its current base color or to prepare the wall for painting on a new base color


4. Decide which wall you would like to be your feature wall. This maybe one that is first seen when you walk into the room or may already have a prominent feature like a fireplace

5. Measure the length of the wall along the baseboard using a tape measure and mark the center point with a pencil


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6. Mark with a pencil 10 inches on each side of the center point from Step 5 to establish the first 20-inch increment

7. Continue marking 20-inch increments along the wall in each direction until you have marked along the length of the wall. If you reach the end of the wall or a doorframe and you’re unable to mark a full 20 inches, mark on the adjacent wall or in the doorway.

8. Use the T-square to measure up the wall and mark the center point at the top. Once you have your center mark, repeat Steps 6 and 7 along the top of the wall

9. Now the marks are made along the top and bottom of the wall, they need to be linked together with painters tape to create the diamond pattern. Starting with the center 20-inch increment, place painters tape from a pencil mark at the top of the wall diagonally down to a pencil mark on the bottom of the wall. Repeat all along the wall in both directions. (See diagram below)

10. Once the tape is all in place, check to make sure the cross points match. If they don’t, measure the distance from the floor to the center cross point and reposition the tape at the other cross points to match that distance

Tip: Once the tape is in the correct position, rub it firmly in place using your fingers to minimize the paint bleeding under it in the next step

11. Pour the paint and primer into a paint tray and paint over the entire wall, including the tape, with a paint roller

12. Allow the paint to partially dry for about 15 minutes and then carefully remove all the painters tape. This will help stop the tape lifting up the paint when it’s removed. Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next step

13. Using a rubber mallet, hammer 1/2-inch brass thumbtacks into every cross point and ends of the tape lines to create an upholstered appearance

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