Dining Room Table Revamp

Dining Room Table Revamp

Is your dining room table looking its best? Learn to give it a facelift!

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Dining room table
Furniture pads
Metallic spray paint and primer in one -- Sliver
Metal table legs
Phillips head bit
Tape measure


  1. Lay the furniture pads on a flat surface to avoid scratching or damaging your table
  2. Flip your table over onto the furniture pads
  3. Remove the existing legs of the table and any other hardware underneath the table. Discard table legs. You’ll also want to remove any decorative pieces that may get in the way of the new legs you’ll install

Note: All tables are different but you will need some tools to remove the legs. Our table specifically needed a socket wrench for nuts and bolts, but many tables will only require a Phillips head screwdriver.


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  1. In a well-ventilated area, put on your facemask and use your silver metallic spray paint and evenly spray the metal table legs to achieve the desired finish
  2. Allow the legs to dry and evenly spray another coat
  3. To determine where your table legs will be placed, first measure the length and width of the table. If your table is 8 foot by 3 foot your legs will be placed at 1-foot 6-inches in from the 8 foot side, and 2 feet in from the head of the table. Your table legs should leave a 4-foot gap in the middle

  1. Once you are happy with your painted legs and the paint has completely dried, attach the legs to the table using your drill and the provided screws that came with your legs

Tip: Table legs come with their own hardware (i.e. screws). Be sure to measure the thickness of your table against the length of your screws so that the screws do not penetrate through tabletop. If they do go through the tabletop, apply wood putty, sand down, and re-stain.

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