Dining Table Refresh

Dining Table Refresh

Update a worn table with a natural wood top and a fresh coat of paint.

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Difficulty: Difficult

Old dining table
White latex paint
220-grit sandpaper
Hand sander (optional)
(11) 6"–20" reclaimed boards, preferably tongue-and-groove or floorboards
¾" nail gun brads
Chip paintbrush
Wood putty
Straight edge
Polyurethane wood sealer


1. Flip the dining table upside down, and place it on the tarp. Paint the legs and entire bottom of the table white. Do not paint the tabletop. Allow to dry for 2 hours

2. Flip the table right side up, and sand the top well in a circular motion to “destroy” the surface and remove luster and sheen. This creates a better surface for the wood boards. Remove dust with a towel

3. One by one, secure the wood boards directly to the table top with wood glue. Be sure to place them flush to the long edges of the table, and extended at least 1" over the short edges of the table

4. Secure the wood boards to the table with two brad nails in each board

5. Once the tabletop is completely covered with fresh wood pieces, trim the wood extending over the short edges of the table. Line up the straight edge tool with the short edge of the table. Be sure it is straight, and draw a line with a pencil

6. Measure 1½" from the line drawn in step 5. This is where the straight edge will be clamped

7. Use the chop saw to trim the extended wood flush to the short edge of the table on both sides

8. Cap the edges of the table with wood. Apply wood glue along an end cap, and secure it in place with brad nails. Repeat until all four table edges are capped

9. Apply wood putty and spackle any holes

10. Use a hand sander to sand the new tabletop

11. Finish the table by applying a polyurethane coating to seal the wood. Allow to dry for 24 hours

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