DIY Basket Lanterns

DIY Basket Lanterns

Turn existing woven baskets into new lanterns with these simple step-by-step instructions.

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This project lists the materials to make one basket lantern. Multiply the materials for any additional lanterns you would like to make.

Recycled woven basket
Pendant light cord set
Large decorative bulb – 60 Watts
Plastic take home container
Marker pen
Drywall handsaw


Preparing the basket:

  1. Use pliers and/or metal cutters to remove the handles from the baskets
  2. Pass the light socket through the bottom of the basket. Depending on the basket design, a 2-inch hole may need to be cut out of the center of the basket with a drywall handsaw

Prepare the light socket:

  1. Pendant light sockets have a cap that screws off the top so the pendant can be attached to a fixture. Screw off the cap and put it to one side
  2. A plastic guard will stop the light socket slipping out of the basket in later steps. To make the guard, take the lid of the plastic container and trace around a round object that has a diameter of about 6 inches like a thick roll of tape or a CD. Eyeball the center of your circle and trace around the head of the light socket


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  1. With a pair of scissors, cut out the big circle. Then cut into the side of the circle to cut around your inner circle where the light socket will go

  1. Slide the plastic around the light socket then screw the cap back into place. The plastic circle should now be locked firmly between the light socket and its cap

  1. Screw the decorative light bulb into the light socket, then pull the light cord back through the bottom of the basket so the socket is sitting inside the hole you made in Step 1, ready for hanging

  1. Hang your basket lantern from a ceiling hook that is close to a wall outlet and plug it in

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I love those lights!! I am looking for the article on the picture of the ones that look like they have 2 baskets glued together.

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