DIY Bicycle Clock

DIY Bicycle Clock

This project turns a vintage bicycle wheel into a functional wall clock

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Bicycle wheel rim
1-Gallon paint lid – painted the color of your choice
1-Quart paint lid – painted the color of your choice
Clock kit
Hook and loop tape
Drill with ¼” drill bit
2” x 4” x 12” Scrap wood
(4) 12” Bar clamps
3” Nut with bolt and metal washer


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  1. Secure the scrap wood to your work surface using two 12” bar clamps, one at each end. Place the 1-gallon paint lid, paint-side up, on top of the scrap wood and secure it to the wood with two additional 12” bar clamps. Locate the center of the lid and drill a hole through the center using a ¼” drill bit. If there are sharp points around the hole once it is drilled, use pliers to pull them off (See image below)
  2. Pass the 3” bolt through the lid with the paint side up and then through the center of the bicycle rim. Secure in the back of the rim with a washer and a nut
  3. Repeat Step 1 for making a hole in the center of the 1-quart paint lid
  4. Take the battery compartment of the clock kit and pass the raised mechanism through the hole in the back of the 1-quart paint lid (See images below)
  5. Attach the clock hands to the raised mechanism following the instructions with the clock kit for placement (See image below)
  6. Hook and loop tape will be used to attach the clock set to the wheel rim. Add a strip of loop tape across the battery compartment, making sure you still have access to open the battery cover. Add a 3” strip of hook tape over the center of the 1-gallon lid that’s attached to the bicycle rim. Press the clock onto the 1-gallon lid (See image below)

Since the head of the nut is raised on the 1-gallon lid, you can add a couple of layers of hook and loop tape to build it up around the nut head. This will give a larger surface area of hook for the loop on the clock to adhere to.

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