DIY Bonsai Tree

DIY Bonsai Tree

Craft an easy Bonsai tree to create a beautiful decoration for your home.

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Use our simple process for creating a Bonsai tree to add a touch of serene for your home décor.

Cedar sapling (Evergreen, Maple and Azalea bushes all work well too)
Pruning shears
Bailing wire
Mesh screen
Wire cutters
Ceramic pot with drainage hole (shallow-based pot in relation to the plant)
Potting soil
Decorative stones and moss



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  1. Do an initial pruning of the tree, using your pruning shears, to trim away branches to form the effect of a full-grown tree. Trim any dead or over-grown branches.
  2. Remove the plant from its existing pot. Use the shears to cut away about 1/2 the impacted roots to create a root ball. Set the plant aside.
  3. Cut the mesh screen to the dimensions of the bottom of the pot, using the wire cutters.
  4. Cut a 4” long strip of the bailing wire. Thread the wire through the center of the mesh. Securely wrap the top end of the wire to the base of the tree, right above the root ball.
  5. Wrap the other end around a small piece of branch that you previously cut off. Holding the tree in one hand, place the screen about 3/4 of the way down into the pot with the other hand, allowing the branch piece to fall to the bottom of the pot.
  6. With the tree still in one hand, pour the potting soil into the pot, covering the screen until the pot is nearly filled with the soil. Place the plant into the pot, covering the root ball with the soil. 
  7. Cut away any remaining branches to fit the pot.
  8. Using the bailing wire, choose a few branches that you’d like to shape. Wrap the wire around the branch, molding the branch’s shape.
  9. Monitor the soil and water the plant right before the soil dries out too much. Change pots every 2-3 years as your plant grows. Loosen the wire every 6-10 months as the tree grows.

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