DIY Brass Console Lamps

DIY Brass Console Lamps

This project creates much-needed lighting that is minimal yet sophisticated.

5 col


Painter’s tape
(2) Light fixtures
Brass spray paint
Brass pipe (2 1/4 inches)
Scrap piece of wood
Permanent marker
Speed square
2” hole cut saw
Sandpaper (100 grade)
Felt material
Hot glue gun
(2) Edison light bulbs (1 large, 1 medium)


1.Prepare for spray painting by taking two balled up pieces of painter’s tape and inserting them it into the opening of the two light fixtures

2.Tape the cords of the light fixture to the table, put on the safety masks, and spray the light fixture down to the blue tape. Allow to dry for 1 hour before moving on to the next step

3.Place the brass pipe on top of the scrap piece of plywood, and trace two outlines around the bottom of the pipe. This wood will eventually fit in the middle of the brass pipe

4.Secure the board with two clamps and use the speed square to determine the center of both circles. This helps guide you when lining up the drill

5.Use the drill to completely drill out both circles

6.Remove the two cut wood circles, clamp them to the table, and drill a notch in the sides of both circles, moving the drill up and down very slowly

7.Sand out the edges of the wood circle with the sandpaper


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8.Use the brass pipe to trace two circles on the felt. Use the scissors to cut out both of the traced circles

9.Feed the light fixture through the bottom of the pipe

10. Place the wood circle at the bottom opening of the light fixture. Use painter’s tape to secure it in place

11. Place the wood circle in the bottom of the pipe and secure it in place with hot glue. Build up layers with the glue, allowing the glue to dry as you build

12. Remove the painter’s tape, apply a thin line of glue around the bottom rim of the opening and lay the felt circle over the opening

13. Turn the pipe over, and pour the sand slowly into the siv. You do not need to fill the pipe all the way to the top, but instead use the sand to provide the pipe with some weight

14. Apply some glue to the top rim of the pipe, insert the light fixture socket, and hold for 10 seconds. This helps keep the socket secure

15. Remove the tape from the top of the light fixture and screw in the bulb

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