DIY Canvas Wall Art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Large canvas artwork is created simply from fabric store material.

5 col

Use decorative material from a fabric store to create a large wall art installation that is sure to bring instant “wow” to a blank wall.

6 pieces of 2’x2’ timber
Cordless drill
3⁄4” wood drill bit
1 1⁄2” woodscrews
Staple gun
Picture hangers


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  1. Lay out the timber on the floor to make a square frame.
  2. Drill pilot holes with the cordless drill in each of the four corners. This will prevent the wood from splitting when driving in the screws.
  3. Install a woodscrew in each pilot hole to finish the frame.
  4. Lay the fabric out on a clean surface with the pattern side facing down.
  5. Place the frame on the fabric and begin wrapping the fabric around the frame edges, and staple it to the backside of the timber around the perimeter of the frame, every 6 to 8 inches. Pull the fabric tight as you move along.
  6. Mount the finished canvas on the wall with picture hangers.

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