DIY Chalk Dot Calendar

DIY Chalk Dot Calendar

This project makes a floating calendar out of acrylic and chalkboard contact paper.

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32” x 28 1/2” x 1/4” Acrylic
32” x 28 1/2” Foamcore
Black chalkboard contact paper
3” Hole punch
4’ T-square
3/4” Adhesive letters
Dry-erase marker
(4) 2 1/2” x 3/16” Brass screws
(4) 1” x 1/4” metal spacer
(4) Brass washers
(4) Neoprene bonded washers
(4) 1” Wall anchors (if you have drywall walls)
Drill with a 1/4” bit and Phillips head bit
12” Level



1. A template will be drawn onto the foamcore board that will act as the guideline for where to place the 3” circles and calendar header on the acrylic in later steps. Use a 4’ T-square and a pencil to mark out the template on the foamcore board, following the diagram below:


2. For the calendar dates, use a 3” hole punch, cut 42 circles out of the chalkboard contact paper (See images below)

3. Measure a 3” x 24 1/2” strip of chalkboard contact paper and cut out with scissors. This will be placed at the top of the acrylic to write the month. Set to one side

4. Place the acrylic over the foamcore template. Peel the protective paper layer off of the acrylic (See image below)

5. Use the template on the foamcore under the acrylic as a guide to place the 42 circles. Eyeball the center of each 3 1/2” square and place a 3” circle in the center of it. There will be 6 rows of 7 circles (See diagram and images below)

Expert Tip: Peel off one half of the backing off the contact paper and stick it to the acrylic. Rub your finger back and forth over the circle as you pull off the rest of the backing to help push out any air bubbles as you go.


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6. Use the template on the foamcore under the acrylic as a guide to place the 3” x 24 1/2” chalkboard contact paper strip above the circles (See images below)

7. Spell out the word “NOTES” using the adhesive letters and place them under the circles on the left side of the acrylic. Any notes can be written directly onto the acrylic using a dry erase marker (See image below)


8. Use a ruler to measure 1” in from each corner of the acrylic. Make a dot with a marker pen. Using a drill with a 1/4” bit, carefully drill pilot holes through the four corners of the acrylic (See images below)

Expert Tip: Drill very slowly through the acrylic without putting pressure on it. Allow the drill bit to do the work. As it bores through the acrylic, stop the drill every so often and clear out the acrylic shreds. This will help stop the acrylic splintering or cracking.

9. Hold the calendar up to the wall where you wish to hang it. Check with a 12” level it’s straight. Mark through the pilot holes at the corners onto the wall with a pencil. Set the calendar to one side. Use a drill with a 1/4” bit to drill pilot holes into the wall at the pencil marks. Push a 1” drywall anchor into each pilot hole (See images below)

10. Place a brass washer onto each 2 1/2” screw and pass them through the 4 pilot holes in the acrylic. On the other side of the acrylic, place a 1” metal spacer and neoprene washer onto the screw (See image below)

11. Hold the calendar to the wall, lining up the screws with the drywall anchors. Secure the calendar to the wall using a drill with a Phillips head bit (See images below)

12. Use chalk to write the month on the black strip at the top of the calendar and the days of the week on the first row of black circles. Number the remaining circles for the days of the week (See image below)

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