DIY Circle Trays

DIY Circle Trays

Create a variety of trays with scrap materials and our instructions.

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This project creates trays in a range of sizes that can be used on uneven table surfaces for homework and craft projects. They can also be used for carrying items and for holding dishware on a dining table surface.

(5) 1/2-inch Plywood, various sizes ranging from 14” by 14” to 30” by 30”
Large piece of craft paper, at least 30” by 30”
1 yard of string
Safety goggles
Drill with a 1 1/2-inch doorknob hole drill bit
Sanding block with 150-grit sandpaper
Paint – Interior semi-gloss – 5 different colors
(5) Small paint roller
(5) Small paint tray
Tape measure
For hanging: Industrial pipe hook and screws


  1. Take a regular pencil and tie one end of the string to it 1 inch from the tip. Measure 15 inches and 7 inches along the string starting at the pencil. Mark the two measurements on the string with a pen
  2. Roll out a large piece of craft paper onto a flat working surface. Eyeball the center of the paper and hold down the string with a finger on the 15-inch mark. Pull the pencil so the string is taught and draw a circle onto the craft paper. This will be the largest tray, 30 inches in diameter
  3. Repeat Step 2 but this time holding the string at the 7-inch mark in the center of the paper. This will create the circle for the smallest tray, 14 inches in diameter
  4. Repeat Step 2, three more times to make three more circles. For each new circle, hold the string at a different length between your 15-inch and 7-inch markers. This will give you three circles that are no larger than the biggest circle and no smaller than the smallest circle. They don’t have to be evenly spaced so there is no need for exact measurements
  5. With a pair of scissors, cut out the largest circle. Trace around the circle onto the first piece of plywood. Next, cut out the second largest circle and trace around it onto the second piece of plywood. Repeat until all the circles are cut out and traced onto separate pieces of plywood
  6. Use a jigsaw to cut out each plywood circle to make your five trays
  7. Measure 2 1/2 inches in from the edge of each tray and mark with a pencil
  8. Take one tray at a time and drill a 1 1/2-inch hole using a drill with a doorknob hole drill bit centered over the pencil mark from Step 7. This will make the holes for the trays to hang on the wall
  9. Sand inside the hanging holes of each tray and around the edges of the circle trays until they are smooth to the touch
  10. Fill each paint tray with a different color of paint then use small rollers to paint each tray its own color. Once the paint is dry, flip the trays over and paint the other sides. Allow to dry

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  1. Decide on a wall where you would like the circle trays to be stored and what height on the wall you would like them to be placed. Secure an industrial pipe hook to the wall at that height using its accompanying screws and following all the instructions on the packaging. Once the pipe hook is in place, stack the circle trays onto the hook starting with the largest tray first and finishing with the smallest tray. The circle trays are now available for you to use as portable work surfaces for craft projects and more!

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