DIY Cookbook Holder

Create your own functional cookbook holder for an easy view of your favorite recipes.

5 col


Medium wooden cutting board
Painter’s tape
White paint
(2) Paint brushes
Wood glue
Picture molding
Nail gun
Pin nails
(2) Pieces of recycled scrap wood pre-cut into triangles (for the legs)


1. Apply painter’s tape under the handle of the cutting board

2. Pour the white paint into the bowl and use the brush to paint the outside and inside of the handle

3. Paint the two legs and picture molding with the white paint

4. Apply wood glue to the bottom of the picture molding


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5. Apply the picture molding to the bottom of the cutting board

6. Use the nail gun and nail along the back of the cutting board into the back of the picture molding

7. Next, apply wood glue to the edges of each leg

8. Attach the two legs to the back of the cutting board and secure with 3 nails each leg with the nail gun. Allow to dry for 10 minutes

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