DIY Crystal Chandelier

DIY Crystal Chandelier

Learn how to create a unique, stylish and affordable crystal chandelier!

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Difficulty: Easy

Clock print out
Pre-cut particleboard
2” screw
Permanent marker
Drill with pre-drill bit
Metallic finish spray paint
Pack of crystals including 1 long center crystal strand
Fishing wire
Needle nose pliers


1. Create a template of where to place the crystal strands by drawing radiating lines onto the pre-cut particleboard. Begin with a vertical line directly in the center of the particleboard with an intersecting horizontal line. The point of intersection is the center

2. Measure 2”, 4 1/2”, and 7 1/2” from the center point. This is where three circles will be drawn (see image below)

3. Center the pre-printed clock on top of the particleboard lining the 12 with the vertical line, and secure it in place with a 2” screw. Use the ruler to mark a dot along the outermost circle at each number on the clock, totaling 12 dots on the outermost circle

4. On the second circle, mark a dot at each center point between the dots marked on the outermost circle in step 3. This will be a total of 12 dots

5. Mark 6 evenly spaced dots on the innermost circle to complete the template (see image below)

6. Use the drill bit to pre-drill holes into all of the dots from steps 3-5


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7. Put on the facemasks and spray the front of the chandelier base with the metallic finish spray paint. Let it dry for 15 minutes

8. Next, take the pack of pre-assembled crystal strands and set aside the 34-inch center piece. You will create (12) 16-inch strands, (12) 24-inch, and (6) 30-inch strands. Measure the lengths with the ruler, adding extra crystals strands if necessary

9. Feed the fishing line through the metal opening at the top of the crystal, and through the pre-drilled holes on the medallion through the painted side

10. Tightly tie the fishing wire in place and clip off excess with needle nose pliers. Add the crystal strands accordingly: 16-inch strands on the outermost circle, 24-inch strands on the middle circle, and 30-inch strands on the inner circle

11. Lastly, attach the 34-inch center piece, repeating steps 9 and 10

12. To hang the chandelier, insert and individually tie fishing wire at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock. Bring the four individual wires together and tie in a knot that will be used as the anchor in which we attach to the ceiling

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