DIY Cutting Board Coffee Table

DIY Cutting Board Coffee Table

Repurpose cutting boards into a coffee table with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

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This coffee table — constructed with a variety of round cutting boards — will become the center of conversation at your next party.

Round cutting boards in varied sizes
Flat metal brackets
1⁄2 inch woodscrews
Impact driver
(4) 16 inch hairpin legs



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  1. Arrange the cutting boards face down on a flat surface so all the edges are touching. Move the boards around to achieve the desired shape of the coffee table.
  2. Attach a flat metal bracket by driving 1⁄2” woodscrews into the underside of each cutting board. Attach all the metal brackets until all the cutting boards are formed into the desired shape of the table.

Tip: Some types of wood are denser than others. If you have a hard time driving the screws into the cutting boards then drill shallow pilot holes with a 1/8” wood drill bit. (Make sure not to drill through the board.) Drive 1⁄2” woodscrews into the boards until they are all attached. 

  1. Lay out the 4 hairpin legs in a rectangular shape so the coffee table will be well supported. Screw the brackets into place with 1⁄2” woodscrews at every contact point in each bracket.

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