DIY Drawer Storage Stools

DIY Drawer Storage Stools

Learn how to create dual-purpose stools – great for seating as well as storage.

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Difficulty: Intermediate


For the drawers:
(2) Old drawers
(10) 1 x 4 pieces of wood (Use 2 on the inside and 3 on the outside trim of each stool.)
Nail gun with brad nails
(8) Legs of desired height
Pack of 3-quarter inch wood screws
(3) Paint rollers
Paint trays
White paint

For the upholstered tops:
(2) Foam pads
(2) Rolls of fabric
Plywood cut to the size of the drawer door
Piano hinge



  1. Put on the safety glasses and use the wood glue to secure two 1 x 4’s on the inside of the drawer. This helps to strengthen the drawer. Use the nail gun to secure each wood piece with 2 brad nails on each outer side, and 1 in the back of the drawer

  1. Take three more 1 x 4’s and use the wood glue to apply to the left, right and back of the outer trim of the stool. Make flush with the top of the face of the drawer

  1. Secure the wood panels in place with 3 brad nails

  1. Next, mark in pencil the three holes where you want to pre-drill for the leg placement on the inside four corners of the stool. Use a pre-drill bit to pre-drill the holes


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  1. Line up the legs underneath the pre-drilled holes, switch out the drill bit for 3/4” wood screws and drill the screws into the three pre-drilled holes from the top. Repeat for the remaining three legs

  1. Paint the outside of the stool, and set aside to dry. Repeat steps 1-6 for the creation of the second stool


  1. Put your chosen fabric (cut 6-8 inches longer than your plywood on each side) face down, layer it with your batting, two foam pads, and the plywood on top of each other. The plywood should be cut to the inside surface of the top of your stool

  1. Fold the four sides in, one at a time, and use the staple gun and serrated staples to hold together. Start stapling from the center and work out from side to side to keep fabric taut and from having any wrinkles

  1. For the four corners, fold each one in taut like gift wrap and cut excess foam and batting

  1. Attach the piano hinge to the back top of the drawer with a drill and 3/4” wood screws

  1. Attach the top of the hinge to the stool cover/seat

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