DIY Floating Herb Garden

DIY Floating Herb Garden

Create this functional DIY vintage-style, 2-tiered herb garden for your kitchen!

5 col


(2) Pre-cut 2-foot by 7-inch wood boards
Black chalkboard paint
Paint tray
Foam roller
(4) 12-ounce Mason jars
Wood screws
(4) Hose clamps
White chalk


1. Use the foam rollers to paint the two wood boards in the black chalkboard paint. Let it dry for 2 hours

2. Use the spade to scoop soil into the Mason jar

3. Plant the herbs inside of the jars


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4. Mark on the board where you want to place your hose clamps and use the drill and wood screws to drill the hose clamp into the board. Repeat until there are 2 hose clamps attached, per board

5. Place your jars in the clamps and use the screwdriver to tighten the pipe fasteners

6. Use the chalk to write the name of the herb below each pot

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