DIY Gem Box

Jeremiah Brent shows you an easy, affordable way to make creative boxes for storage.

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((JEREMIAH BRENT)) One of my favorite things to do is really inexpensive, but effective ways to add interesting storage to any space. And right now, you had a lot of do-dads all over the place, right?

((ABBY)) A lot.

((JEREMIAH)) So, we are gonna create some really cool, interesting gem boxes. They’re really, really simple that you can just throw excess stuff in. But they’re so pretty to display.

((ABBY)) I love that.

((JEREMIAH)) You don’t need that many materials, which is also my favorite part. All you need is some boxes that we found at a second hand store, some quartz crystals, or whatever decorative element you wanna attach to the top, a glue gun. Basically, the steps are pretty easy. First, we’re going to get all of the scuffs off of our boxes. Next, we’re going to take our quartz and apply it to each top of the box. The idea is that these are actually handles for you to pull up your box.

((ABBY)) Oh, I love the idea of a handle.

((JEREMIAH)) Every space that I design, I always wanna bring a natural element, so I love bringing like these crystals, which are supposed to promote good energy.


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((ABBY)) Yeah. I like that a lot.

((JEREMIAH)) Alright, you take a glue gun. Make sure this is the right placement for you.

((ABBY)) Looks great.

((JEREMIAH)) What’s great about using hot glue is that they dry super fast. I mean, hello.

((ABBY)) What?

((JEREMIAH)) Isn’t that cute? Look at that!

((ABBY)) Gorgeous!

((JEREMIAH)) Instant custom gem boxes. 

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