DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

Make your own decorative glitter accent bowl in just 10 minutes!

5 col

Prep Time
10 minutes


(2) Bowls
Mod Podge
Various colors of glitter
Small paint brush


1. Blow up one balloon

2. Place the balloon in one bowl

3. Fill empty bowl with Mod Podge

4. Add glitter to the bowl and mix (equal parts glitter and Mod Podge to make a thick paste)


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5. Use a paint brush to apply glitter paste mixture onto half of the balloon

6. Let dry for 24 hours until glitter paste hardens

7. Pop the balloon with a needle

8. Remove the balloon from the hardened material

9. Trim rough edges of the glitter bowl with scissors

10. Fill bowl with anything you want and enjoy!

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