DIY Industrial Side Tables

DIY Industrial Side Tables

Use Carpenter David Leon’s simple instructions to create industrial side tables.

5 col

(12) 1”x1”x24” Precut 14-gauge, 3-plated, slotted angle steel banding
(1) 1”x24”x24” sanded, stained, and sealed pine plywood
12”x12” garage sale signs for each stencil
Designs/symbols to create stencils
Craft blade
Socket wrench
1/4-inch hex nuts
1/4-inch hex bolts
1/4-inch washers
Spray paint with primer
Spray glue
1/4-inch long wood screws


Assemble the base:

  1. Line up 4 pieces of precut steel banding into a square on table so that the angle is facing inward. This will be the bottom-side of your cubed table
  2. Add another piece of steel banding that will be a table leg to one corner of the square with the angle facing inward. Thread a 1/4-inch bolt through a washer and then through outside of the leg piece into the corner of the square. Repeat for both sides of leg

  1. Attach 1/4-inch hex nut to other side of bolt and tighten using the socket wrench and pliers until the 2 pieces of steel are firmly attached

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each corner of square until there are 4 legs to the table
  2. Line up another 4 pieces of precut steel banding into a square on table so that the angles are facing down. This will be the top of your table. Attach these pieces to the other ends of the legs following steps 2-4 to create a box from the steel banding

Create the stencil:

  1. Draw desired design onto 12-by-12-inch garage sale sign. These signs are most ideal for a stencil because they are firmer than regular paper
  2. Carefully cut along the interior or exterior lines of the designs using a craft knife to create stencils.

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Paint wood top:

  1. Spray a small amount of glue on the back of the stencil and place on plywood top face up. This little bit of glue will ensure that paint does not get under the stencil
  2. Put some rags around the stencil to ensure paint doesn’t go past it then put on facemask and spray paint over the stencil onto the plywood top
  3. Pick up stencil and allow the paint to dry. Do not let stencil stay on too long as it may adhere to the wood

Tip: For a “graffiti” look, incorporate paint bursts into your design by holding upright and spraying in one spot until you see the paint start to drip.

Assemble to table:

  1. When paint is dry, lay down wood top face down and place one of the square 4-legged bases you created on top of it

  1. Thread 1/4-inch screw through washer and then drill through side of steel banding into table at center of each side (like a clock layout, at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00).

  1. Flip table over and you’re done!

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