DIY Knotty Pendant Light

DIY Knotty Pendant Light

Turn scraps of veneer into a decorative light fixture with these simple instructions.

5 col

Full sheet of veneer
Wood glue
Pendant light cord set with standard light bulb.
Drywall T-Square
(12) Clothespins


  1. Lay down the full sheet of veneer onto any flat work surface. Use a T-Square to measure out 6 strips each 4 feet long and various widths, then cut them out of the veneer sheet with scissors. The widths shown are as follows:

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           1 inch
           1 1/2 inches
          (1) 2 inches
          (1) 3 inches

  1. Make a ring with one piece of veneer, making sure the wood side is facing out rather than the side with the paper backing
  2. Overlap the ends by 1 inch and glue together. Use two clothespins to hold the veneer in place while the glue dries
  3. Make additional veneer rings, interweaving them with the existing rings before gluing their ends together and applying clothespins. Allow glue to dry before moving onto the next step
  4. Now that all six rings are interwoven and the glue is dry, remove all the clothespins from the rings. Next, take each point where at least two rings overlap and hold them together with clothespins. Once the rings are all pinned in place and in your desired spherical shape, remove one clothespin at a time, apply wood glue in between the overlapping layers, and then replace the clothespin. Allow glue to dry before removing clothespins and moving onto the next step
  5. Pendant light sockets have a cap that screws off the top so the pendant can be attached. Screw off the cap and put it to one side
  6. Cut a 4-by-4-inch square of veneer then trace around the circular light socket in the center of the square. With a pair of scissors, cut into the side of the square and then around your traced circle where the light socket will go. Slide the veneer square around the light socket then screw the cap back into place. The veneer square should now be locked firmly between the light socket and its cap
  7. Carefully slide the square and light socket through any gap of the pendant. Reach through a second gap and screw the light bulb in place

Tip: To install your light fixture, carefully follow the instructions from your pendant light cord set and consult an electrician with any questions.

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