DIY Light Diffusers

DIY Light Diffusers

Playful shapes hang from the ceiling and help disguise old light fixtures.

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These fun, custom, light diffusers will hang on your ceiling just below the existing light fixtures in your room, softening the harsh light.

Large foam insulation boards
Utility knife
Interior latex paint (white; yellow)
Paint brushes
Screw hooks (one for each shape)
Clear fishing line cut to:
9 1/2 inches (3 per fixture)
20 inches (1 per fixture)
Untwisted wire hanger
(3) 1⁄4-inch Washers (per shape)
(3) 5-1/6-inch Washers (per shape)


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  1. To construct the shapes: Using the pencil, freehand draw the cloud and sun shapes onto the foam insulation boards
  2. Using a utility knife, carefully cut out the shapes from the foam boards
  3. With the shapes cut out, paint the top and sides of cloud shapes white and the sun shape yellow. Allow time for the paint to dry completely before proceeding. Once the first coat has dried, apply a second coat of paint
  4. With the top and sides of the shapes painted, flip them over and paint the bottom side of each shape. Allow time for this coat to dry and then follow with a second coat
  5. To hang the shapes: With the shapes painted, carefully puncture three holes in the center of each shape using the untwisted hanger. These holes should be placed about 10 inches apart on each shape. This will guarantee that once hung, the shapes will hang level
  6. Stack three sets of washers—large washer on top of the smaller one. Insert a piece of the 9 1/2-inch fishing line through each hole and tightly tie the end of the line to the stacked washers. These washers will ensure the line doesn’t slip back through the punctured hole. Paint the washers the same color as the shape they are attached to, to conceal their presence
  7. Gather all three 9 1/2-inch fishing line pieces and pull them upward, suspending the cloud and sun shapes and forcing them to rest on the washers
  8. Install the screw hook into the ceiling. Take the 20 inch piece of fishing line and tie both ends to the ceiling hook, creating a loop. Tie the three 9 1/2 inch pieces to the hanging end of this loop, suspending the shapes in the air. Repeat for each shape

Tip: To vary the lengths in which your clouds and sun hang from the ceiling, trim the 20-inch line at different lengths.

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