DIY Love Marquee

DIY Love Marquee

Designer Kim Myles explains how to create a vintage style wood sign with built in lights.

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Difficulty: Hard

4’x7’ piece of 1” plywood
(2) 7’ 1”x4” wood
(2) 4’ 1”x4” wood
(8) 2½” wood screws
White holiday light strings
Typographic printout of word ‘Love’
Blue paint
Paint Brushes
Wood Glue
Staple gun
Wood stain
Drill gun with 1” wide bit
Hanging hardware
Nail Gun (or Hammer and Nails)


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  1. Building the frame: Lay the 4’x 7’ plywood board on a table. Arrange the (2) 7’ 1x4” and the (2) 4’ 1x4” on top of the plywood
    Use wood glue to hold the corners together. Once the frame is secure, drill the (8)2½” wood screws on the ends
  2. Once the frame is assembled, attach the plywood using wood glue and a nail gun (or hammer and nails)
  3. Using the type inspiration and a pencil/chalk, sketch out the word “LOVE” onto plywood
  4. Using a 1” wide bit, drill pilot holes along the center to fill each letter of the word “LOVE”
  5. Fill in each “LOVE” letter with blue paint
  6. Thread the lights along the back of the plywood, pushing one bulb per/hole to the front
  7. Using a staple gun, staple the wires down in the back to anchor the bulb positions
  8. Attach hanging hardware on back
  9. Hang on wall

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