DIY Memories Serving Tray

DIY Memories Serving Tray

This project shows how to make a personalized serving tray out of a picture frame.

5 col

Wooden picture frame with 16” x 20” opening
16” x 20” Acrylic sheet
16” x 20” Micro-fiber board
2’ x 3’ Piece of fabric - Color and pattern of your choice
Assortment of family photos for inside the tray
(2) Cabinet handles
(4) 1” Narrow thread screws
Spray paint – Acrylic – Color of your choice
Drill with 1/8” drill bit
Phillips head screwdriver
Spray glue
Glue gun with glue sticks
Craft knife
Cutting board
Metal ruler
Sandpaper – 100 grit



1. Remove the cardboard backing and glass from the frame and carefully dispose of the glass. Put the cardboard backing to one side

2. In a well-ventilated area, apply spray paint to the frame in long, even strokes and allow to dry

3. Once the frame is dry, gently rub any raised surfaces of the frame with fine grit sandpaper to give an aged appearance

4. Place the cardboard from the frame in a well-ventilated area and apply spray glue over the entire surface

5. Lay the cardboard over the fabric and press down, making sure to smooth out any bumps

6. Use a craft knife and metal ruler on a cutting board to cut the excess fabric from around the edges (See image below)


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7. Flip the cardboard over with the fabric side face up. Arrange your family pictures in a collage over the fabric in a pattern of your choice

8. Once the pictures are arranged to your liking, apply small dabs of hot glue from the glue gun under the corners of the pictures to hold them in place. Set cardboard to one side


9. Use a ruler to find the mid-point of each of the shorter edges of the frame and mark it lightly with a pencil. The handles will be centered over these marks

10. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the holes in the handle. Mark the distance between the handle holes on the frame using the mid-point mark from Step 9 as your center point

11. Drill 1/8-inch pilot holes through the handle marks on the frame. With a Phillips head screwdriver, attach the handles to the frame using 1” narrow thread screws. (See image below)

Tip: Frames are usually thickest at the back so position the handles low so the screws don’t poke through the other side.


12. Remove the protective cover from the acrylic sheet and place in frame

13. Next layer the cardboard with photographs on top of the acrylic sheet and the micro-fiber board on top of the cardboard. Use the frames hardware to seal the layers in place

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